Do you use Soap?

SOAP is a strange name for a really cool thing I found the other day that may help us all find it a little easier to get into Gods Word.

I’ll be honest, I struggle in this area. I find it hard to regularly read my Bible – and be consistent with it – so I was really excited to find this little tip. I hope it can encourage you guys too!

It’s called SOAP and it goes as follows


S Stands for Scripture

Find one passage in the Bible and take note of what things stand out to you, what really resonates with you. Highlight and underline things that are important to you as you are reading.


O is for observation

What struck you as you were reading? Write it out in your Bible or better yet get a journal and use this for each time you go to read your Bible.


A is for application

What you have read can apply to your daily life. Was it something encouraging you read, something that challenges you? Whatever it is, really consider how you can utilize this in your life.


P stands for prayer.

This can be a time to reflect and pray on what it is you have read for the day. Be sure to listen to what God may be saying to you in these moments, and make note of anything big or small that comes up.


Maybe it’s just me ’cause I love to put the date on everything, but I would date it so you can remember the things you have learnt in that season of life.

Let me know if any of you try it and how you found it!