Ever been picked last in gym class

Ive been praying lately about what it is specifically that God wants us ladies to know and experience freedom from. He kept drawing me back to the same word –¬†REJECTION

Its a pretty heavy word that we automatically attach negative connotations too and rightly so. Rejection can be defined as not wanted, unsatisfactory, or not fulfilling requirements. These aren’t exactly the words the we want to feel,hear or be told.

Have  you ever felt that no one likes or worse loves you, that you feel that no one notices you or acknowledges your existence? Or those times where you just feel so utterly unwanted and rejected by those around you that you love that life just feels so worthless and meaningless? I have been there and can assure you it is a pit that I never want to return too!

So Where does God factor in to all of this?

How can He REALLY help us in this area? Im glad you asked. He gave us his son Jesus so that we may know true acceptance and value in Him.

He accepts you just as you are no matter your past present or future.His opinion of you doesn’t change and His acceptance of you is unconditional.Where you may feel that the world and everyone in it sees you as a nobody believe and trust that God sees you as somebody because to Him you are everything!

Let that sink in for a second.

I encourage you if you are feeling the effects of rejection in your life that you would seek first Jesus and His unchanging approval of you and remember you are never fully alone He is always with you. Let His acceptance of you cover every untruthful and inaccurate lie that you have believed about yourself and your life and let Him give you the freedom and peace to accept yourself fully the way that He has already done.