Mirror mirror on the wall

I really struggled to put how I feel about this topic into words as it is something that I am hugely passionate about: our self worth, and the places we try to find it verses the only place we will ever find it.

Have you ever had those moments where you are like “dang if I just had her body I’d be so happy and I’d feel good about myself”, or “If I just got a boyfriend or a husband, then i’d feel worth something”, or “…that new job promotion, house, car, fame, or wealth”.

We can look too all these places (amongst millions more) for our worth and still end up feeling worthless.

It has taken me years to truly like who I am and how I look. I know all too well those feelings of “If only I had this, then I’d be happy” moments. It was truly only when I found God and became a Christian that I began to truly love who God had created me to be. I have learnt through His acceptance of me, to accept myself. All the good, bad, and everything in-between. Not because I am perfect, but because He is.

Do I still have down days? Totally! I am still human but my mindset has been changed and my desire to compare myself and worry if I’m not good enough has been replaced with Gods truths that tell me I am enough, I am accepted, I am worthy and I am beautiful, and if these are His opinions of me then who am I to argue!

I’d like to draw your attention to rubies for a second.

They are one of the most expensive and rarest gems – not mention one of most sought after gemstones in the world. I got curious, so I did some research on rubies by going to some jewellery shops and asked how they fared in comparison to other gems (like diamonds). Rubies still came out on top as being the more prized gem.

It got me thinking how does this fit into Gods opinions of us? It is mentioned in Proverbs 31:10 that “She is worth more than rubies”.

This is a pretty powerful truth when you start to think of the worth they had back then, trumping all other things. That out of everything valuable and sought after you are more precious and wanted above anything else by God.

This ladies, is a beautiful illustration of how God really sees us, and more personally how He sees YOU. You are worth more than the way you look, your weight, your relationship status or lack of your body shape – and a huge one – you are worth more than your past. It doesn’t get to define your worth.

The world will constantly bombard us woman with “you’re not good enough until…” type messages that send us into panic mode where we think that we have to do what the world and the media tell us is acceptable and desirable if we want to feel worth something.

See here’s the thing: the world will be forever changing, and so will its opinion of you, and you will never match up to the ‘ideal’, but God’s opinion of you will never change. He will see you as worthy, capable, accepted, valuable adored, and most importantly beautiful forever. You will always be enough, and you are never too much. He created you and knew exactly what He was doing when He had you in mind, and He takes great delight in you.

I encourage you to check in and see where, what and who you are trying to find worth in.

No matter how hard you try there is nothing that will satisfy that desire to feel worth something just as you are and for who you are, other than Jesus. Other things may make you feel worth or value short term but it wont allow you to truly accept and see yourself the way God does. I challenge you to change your negative thinking of yourself and all your feelings of inadequacy, because anything other than Gods truths and his opinion of just how worthy you are is a big fat lie!