You are a delight

I’ll admit there are some things in life that I will just never fully understand.

Why it seems to without fail, rain straight after washing your car; why no matter how many socks you put in the dryer, the same amount never come out; why your bed can be the most uncomfortable thing when you are desperate for sleep, but becomes the hardest thing to get out of in the morning; and most of all, God’s unwavering love for each of us.

The idea that someone would love us unconditionally. No matter what we do – past, present, or future – it will never change His love for us. To me that still blows my mind, even after ten years of being a Christian.

The world is so hugely based on conditions these days that we can often feel we aren’t lovable or significant until we either have something, or change something about ourselves  (our looks, weight, job status, relationship status, or career). The list is never ending.

At the heart of every woman is the same thing, we all want to know we are loved, wanted, acknowledged, noticed and adored for all our good points, bad points, mess ups, failures and bad choices in life. The only one that does that perfectly is Jesus.

There is NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING that you can do or have done to make Him love you more, and nothing you can do that will make Him love you less. He loves you because He IS love and He just cant help it.

His love isn’t based on feelings, because feelings are ever changing. His love never changes for us. It is a self sacrificing ‘agape’ love. He gave His only Son to demonstrate just how deeply He loves and cares for you.

Knowing you are fully loved helps you to let go of the past, to let go of hurt, pain or anything else that is keeping you from being able too experience the life God has for you. It helps you too see that you can have a new life in Jesus, one where you no longer have to feel guilt, shame or condemnation from things in your past or present. He knows you intimately and His love is personally tailored to you.

My prayer is that each and everyone who takes the time to read this – if nothing else – takes away the knowledge that He loves you more than you could ever know. Yes you, the flawed human who thought “no one would ever love me, i’m not good enough.” He does, and He DELIGHTS in you! Delight means to be captivated and to take ones breathe away, and THAT is how He sees YOU.